da liu ren



Da Liu Ren


When you need to know more details about a situation, that's when Da Liu Ren is used. It has the highest accuracy of all the predictive methods and can be used, not only for details of the outcome, it also can provide insight about why the situation began, and the aspects that will unfold throughout the process. Da Liu Ren is considered the Human method of prediction.

While Qi Men Dun Jia can predict the outcome and some details, Da Liu Ren adds more detail to a reading. It reveals extra layers of detail that explain more about the situation. It reveals the answer, provides the why, what caused this, and the result.

For instance, a client asks about getting financing for a new project. Qi Men Dun Jia can tell you where the money is (directionally) and the timing of when the funding will happen. Da Liu Ren can give you the above predictions and it will also give details about any difficulties or issues that must be overcome to receive the funds. It will also give you a definite answer about whether the money will actually come through for the project. For this client's question the answer will help save money if the final conclusion is no funds, since it takes staff time to prepare paperwork.

More about Da Liu Ren for Monetary Issues

In another example, a client asks whether he will he get the money back that he lent out? Reading the chart we can see that when the money was lent out originally, the client had some doubt, or did not feel completely comfortable lending out the money. More detail reveals that the person was known by the client, either a friend or a person that was vouched for by a friend. And also that at the moment the question was asked the chart already showed that the borrower of the money will not be happy about being asked to repay the loan. The chart also tells us that if a mutual acquaintance can act as negotiator it will be smoother to collect. The final answer for the client is that yes he can collect the money back, and the extra detail from the Da Liu Ren chart gave us insight to advise our client that he must ask for the money back in the same year and the best timing of the year to do so.

Da Liu Ren for Health and Illness Issues

"A DLR reading can be used to look at the probable type of illness and underlying cause, the possible course of the illness and result, and the potential effectiveness of doctor and treatment."

It is a mission of ours to support those who need our guidance to ascertain their health issues where modern science could not trace the source of illness; and to help people who so choose to achieve extraordinary improvements in their health.

When physicians cannot find the root cause of your health issues even with the latest medical equipment, we can help and assist you in potentially life and death situations and determine what the final decision is.

Some of the most frequent Da Liu Ren (DLR) reading questions pertain to health issues. While an illness may present the symptoms of one type of disease, the underlying cause may be something else entirely. Family members may have concerns regarding the diagnosis, treatment modality, quality and effectiveness of physician care and the prognosis of a loved one. A DLR reading may help provide insight into these concerns.

The reading can indicate the value of testing for something that may have been overlooked, or where a patient may go to find the best treatment or doctor. Conversely, peace of mind may be at hand through assurance that the current treatment is indeed the best course of action.

While a DLR reading may help determine probable course and duration, and the result of any type of health concern and treatment, when we want to take care of an illness, it is critically important to know exactly what the illness is and also what caused it.

DLR can be used to help determine difficult illnesses and their root cause. It has a unique ability to shed light on how viable the medicine taken is, the role of the doctor and/or the best location to find a better doctor or treatment. It is also used to determine how the illness will affect the person asking the question, as to the length, and severity of the condition, and if a change in treatment is needed. One of the many uses of a DLR illness reading is helping determine the type of illness in many of the hard to diagnose illnesses of today. It is a very good way to get additional insight and peace of mind concerning health issues.

Da Liu Ren can be used to predict:

  • Marriage
  • Business and Investments
  • Health of Baby
  • Illness
  • Work Situation
  • Legal Situations
  • Situation of Home or Grave
  • Test/Study Outcome
  • Weather
  • Travel
  • Personal Luck
  • Lost Items

Da Liu Ren readings come with a written report. They including a cover page, a page with the DLR chart, the year, month, day and hour the question was asked, and the DLR "age" of the person, and then a page with a summary of the question that was asked, what might happen if you do a certain thing, and what is likely to happen at the end. DLR tells you the result. You have the choice to take the action or not.

The study of DLR is becoming more well known worldwide. With its level of accuracy and detail in reading, Da Liu Ren gives important insights into situations.