da liu ren



Da Liu Ren


When you need to know more detail of a situation is when Da Liu Ren is used. It has the highest accuracy of all the predictive methods but it can be used not only for details of the outcome but also can give insight of why it began and the aspects that will unfold throughout the situation.

While Qi Men Dun Jia can predict the outcome and some details, Da Liu Ren adds more detail to a reading. It incorporates an extra level of detail that explains more of the situation. For instance, the client asks about getting financing for a new project. Qi Men Dun Jia can tell you where the money is (directionally) and the timing of when the funding will happen. Da Liu Ren can give you the above predictions and it will also give details about any difficulties or issues that must be overcome to receiving the funds. It will also give you a definate answer about if the money will actually come through for the project. For this client's quesion the answer will help save money if the final conclusion is no funds, since it takes staff time to prepare paperwork.

In another example, a client asks if he will get the money back that he lent out? Reading the chart we can see that when the money was lent out originally, the client had some doubt or did not feel completely comfortable lending the money. More detail is that the person was known by the client, either a friend or a person that was vouched for by a friend. At the moment that the question is asked shows that the borrower of the money will not be happy about being asked to repay the loan but the chart also tells us that if a mutual acqaintance can act as negotiator it would be smoother to collect. The final answer for the client is that yes he can collect the money back that he lent out but the extra detail from the Da Liu Ren chart gave us insight to advise our client that he must ask for the money back the same year and the best timing of the year to do so.

It can be used to predict:


  • Marriage
  • Business and Investments
  • Health of Baby
  • Illness
  • Work Situation
  • Legal Situations
  • Situation of Home or Grave
  • Test/Study Outcome
  • Weather
  • Travel
  • Personal Luck
  • Lost Items

The study of DLR is becoming more well known worldwide and with its level of accuracy and detail in the reading it can give important insight into a situation.